Dana currently works as a vocal coach at Nashville Vocal Studio on Music Row in Nashville, TN where she trains students in genres such as classical, musical theatre, pop, and rock. At Nashville Vocal Studio, Dana works closely with Amber Mogg-Cathey to learn how to best develop a commercial sound and stays up to date on research in vocal pedagogy by attending workshops and conferences hosted by organizations like NATS and and Jeanie Lovetri's Somatic Voicework. Dana also offers private lessons for guitar, piano, and music theory. For rates and availability, please contact her here.

Through her graduate and undergraduate studies of voice performance, Dana has acquired a great depth of knowledge about vocal health and technique. Her understanding of the voice allows her to establish goals and deliver noticeable results for students in a short amount of time. Dana has also been trained in Alexander Technique, which promotes a greater awareness of breath and the body, and incorporates this practice regularly into her lessons. As a Voice Instructor for the past four years of D.C.'s local women empowerment camp We Rock! DC, Dana has taught a diverse group of individuals how to become confident with their voice by providing new perspectives and approaches to singing.  In addition, Dana has conducted multiple Songwriting and Stage Presence workshops for the campers and may be contacted for songwriting critiques. 

Singing lessons with Dana were so informative and fun! My singing improved more than I ever thought it would. Her advice and tips were extremely helpful! Dana is very knowledgable on the scientific and anatomical part of the voice and singing. Therefore, my voice feels healthier than ever due to her tips which are based on the healthy and proper singing techniques. After singing for thirty minute or hour long sessions, my voice never felt strained or tired. In fact, my voice felt incredibly strong and powerful after my sessions with Dana. My singing voice improved a lot and I always had a great time during my sessions!”

— Maha Khan